The Rose Garden

umanity's present condition is reminiscent of the story of the twelve blind Indians from India, each of whom touched a different part of an elephant and then tried to describe the elephant in terms of their own particular limited data and understanding. Predictably, many disagreements developed from the divergent beliefs concerning the true nature of the elephant. The problem was ultimately resolved when the blind Indians began communicating with each other and each began to see the whole picture.

Although some individuals, groups and organizations have assembled more puzzle pieces than others, it is apparent that no individual or grouping of individuals has yet to assemble all of the puzzle to "The Big Picture," a difficult task especially when one considers that every individual and grouping of individuals is also part of the puzzle.

In June of the year 2000, a group of individuals who shared a common concern for humanity came together via the Internet seeking to discover what is actually transpiring not only on the earth, but also in the cosmos. They began to share their insights and research with each other, culminating in the publication of "The Universal Seduction: Piercing the Veils of Deception,î Volumes I and II.

The group, which later became known as "The Rose Garden Club" was, from the beginning, non-hierarchical and democratic in nature, loosely organized and coordinated. This was done so that the group--as a whole--could not be manipulated or subverted to the desired ends of a few. There was also a communal willingness to communicate and cooperate with each other in order to gain a balanced perspective. Even though each and every member was not always in total agreement on all issues, an amenable camaraderie prevailed where everyone was agreeable to the concept of examining all relevant points of view. As such, there never was an "official"club position, nor is there today---other than a common concern and desire for freedom and human dignity.

Here are some of the areas into which we have been looking:

  • The potential enslavement through the manipulation of the economies of nations.

  • The behind-the scenes or secret attacks on Constitutional governments.

  • Ominous developments in space-age weaponry, technology and warfare, including mind and weather control.

  • UFO's--sightings, space contacts, abductions, underground bases and cover-ups..

  • Beneficial developments in technology, science, metaphysics, nature and religion either inadequately covered by mainstream media or not yet in full use.

  • Important truths with little or no previous dissemination for mass public consumption.

  • Any covert or overt activity which threaten Humanity.

Please feel free to sample the material on this site, data that is not necessarily available from other sources, information with a concern for individual rights and liberties, freedom, and human dignity. With the help of the various viewpoints presented herein and in "The Universal Seduction" volumes, may we begin to awaken to the nature of reality, and then---as best we can---seek out and awaken others.


  • To question, doubt, research and to avoid absolute conclusions on any one aspect of the whole;

  • To attempt to see a total picture emerge from the individual cohesiveness of the parts;

  • To understand that the truth is that which is always to be questioned, always in need of more exploration and discovery;

  • To dedicate ourselves to gathering more and more information about the totality and sharing with others around the world what we discover.

The Rose Garden Club, dedicated to gathering more and more information about everything and sharing with others around the world what we discover.